Friday, June 27, 2014

Three Speeches That May Change Your Life.

[Originally posted in 2013]


Most of us are in our twenties.  And if you're like me, at times that can be an awkward place to be.  It's like you're caught in a weird kind of limbo between what you want to hold onto and what you want to strive for.  It can be a lonely, frightening and alienating place.  But you know what?  It can also be really, really exciting.

Whenever I feel a little lost, I turn to the words of better men and women than I, people who might be able to put it better than I ever could.  I look for inspiration, for something to adjust my perspective.  These three speeches are by no means the only place or the primary place I go for inspiration or perspective, but right now, they are three speeches that have been indispensable to me, words that make me not only more content to be where I am, but excited to be there as well.  Not only are these three of my favorite artists, I think they offer unique perspectives on the world of the twenty something, and the larger world we live in.  I hope you enjoy.

Amanda Palmer: The Art of Asking

Neil Gaiman: Make Good Art

David Foster Wallace: This Is Water

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